28 June 2018 • Heritage Cellars

Provence Rosé shortage…

One of my favourite stories in some of the nationals over the last few weeks is the potential shortage of Provence Rosé this summer, if ever there was a ‘First World Problem’ headline this surely gets this year’s prize! The truth is that Rosé and in particular Provence Rosé has seen remarkable growth in sales over the last few years and it would appear with record temperatures this May sales quite literally soared – cue Provence Rosé headlines!!  However, having just come back from a few days wine tasting in Provence I can happily report that we should all be ok for our favourite glass of pink wine this season!

Which brings me to AIX Rosé (pronounced “ex”) which in recent years has been established as one of the most definitive Provence rose wines. 
A classic Provencal blend of Grenache, Syrah & Cinsault, AIX has an attractive pale salmon colour. Fresh and fragrant, it entices with delicately floral and strawberry aromas. The cool fermentation has produced lively and refreshing flavours of watermelon, raspberry and strawberry, all making for a real crowd-pleaser. 

We are delighted to offer a special introductory offer to partner the hopefully warm summer ahead….. while stocks last 😎

AIX Rosé 2017, Coteaux d’Aix en Provence

Bottles                £13.40         Special Offer £12.40
Magnums           £26.80         Special Offer £24.80

For anyone feeling particularly generous towards their party guests this summer, what could be better than one of the large formats? These are available in everything up to and including 15 litre Nebuchanezzar (equivalent to 20 standard bottles).